Singleton – Portfolio

Project: DS

Project: DS is my active project. It’s a game made in Unity for scratch code wise (Not a single Asset used for code). It’s a 2D game that has 2 different alternating gameplays:

  • An RPG gameplay that includes movement in 360 degrees + a turn based fighting system with multiple special features.
  • A Visual Novel system used between “missions”, which simplifies the movement in the overworld while also serving as a way to grow more intimate with all characters, including the player character.

For the game, my duties right now include:

  • Coding the game as a whole.
  • Storywriting and Dialogue writing
  • Integration of this project as a possible engine to Unity
  • Game Design
  • UI/UX Design from start to finish
  • Creating the internal tools to edit multiple facets of the game, including (but not limited to) editing dialogues and the animations of the characters on the screen, editing battle data, editing item data etc…

Screenshots & Previews

All of the graphical UI assets plus the character were made by me, while the background assets were taken temporarily from the Unity Asset Store.

Project: Metronome

A collection of micro-games that use a metronome as their main basis. Project Metronome is an on-hold project I’ve had started for a class of mine.

The main menu of the game. Assets are just taken from the Asset Store.


A Flappy Bird minigame in the Free Run Mode.

Pokémon: Raw Crystal

An extension of the already amazing Pokémon Crystal featuring some of the cut creatures discovered in the Spaceworld Demo, features some animated sprites and locations I made myself with the beta maps as basis. The game, now available as source code here. It has minimal custom ASM, but majority of the new graphics and animations were edited by hand to fit the game’s newly modified engine.