Prologue – Shadows of the Hallway

Ah, it just had to be cold here.

He kept walking towards his destination. The basement of the auditorium is large but documented well enough for him to keep moving forward.

Damnit!  What did they need the recorder to be that deep into this cesspool…

Osborn, knowing that he was alone, kept rambling on and on.

“Why are they even hiding the stage instruments here? This place feels like it could kill a computer in a minute with the humidity!”

The place reeked of the smell of mold. If it was anything, it would be one of those dark dungeons heroes go through when they get close to some underworld king. It even has some minions; insects were scuttling on the walls, minding their own business. However, that annoyed Osborn enough for him to stomp some of them before the rest scattered in fear.

“And they just had to send the guy who was actually working and getting something done for the project to get the instruments! What about Josh! He was doing nothing again! Sitting and chatting and laughing with his-”

A muted sound suddenly echoed from the closest room. Osborn fell silent. It was a Saturday and he was definitely alone in the basement. Suddenly, the temperature of his surroundings dropped dramatically, causing him to take a step back while shuddering from the cold. The walls around Osborn started to become fuzzy. Quickly alternating between a normal state and an aberrant state of existence, resembling TV static. It became gradually faster, until the static took over, replacing what was once straight walls.

And then it stopped.

Like an illusion, the state of the world around him want back to normal. It became relatively warm again, and the walls transformed back to their usual state, leaving no trace of the mysterious occurrence.

Made completely numb in more ways than one by the last occurrence, he stepped forward, forgetting for a moment that he was not alone. He started slowly walking forward, a step at the time, until he heard a sound again.


Osborn stopped dead in his tracks. It was a step, but it clearly was the back of a naked foot. And that made even less sense. He wished that it was just him hearing wrong, he wanted it to be nothing more than someone who lost his way into the auditorium’s basement for a reason. A couple? A maintenance agent?

Osborn did not want to walk back without the instruments. And he especially loathed the idea of telling anyone that he got scared by a random sound. His curiosity got the best of him, and the room kept getting closer with every step.

He pushed the door,  his eyes widening as the horror in front of him unveiled.


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