Chapter 5 – Update

Osborn Esteban Armstrong
Elementalist – Stature: Beta
Moves: Fireball – Inspect
Affinity: Heat – Epsilon intelligence – Faith: Delta

This was the output of the Class details command Osborn issued to his mind. He was bummed out by his stature stat, something that he immediately thought was out of place. An awkward silence fell in the square, prompting Osborn to speak up.

“Did you try to get your stats?”

“Yeah, I got pretty high faith. Very expected.”

“Didn’t you feel like something was… Weird? Like… How do you know about what’s low and what’s high?”

“Easy. That’s the Greek alphabet.”

“No, I mean- Uh…” Osborn was conversing with a man who was either spot on or way off the answer. Adrian was known by his friends for being a very hit or miss guy.

“It obviously had something to do with the order, the question we should ask ourselves is which order is the right one?”

“Okay, then what’s your stature?”

Adrian held his chin, raising at the same time his eyes towards the sky. The wind blew through him and Osborn, indicating that the Winter was still not old news. After a brief moment, he lowered his hand and looked at Osborn.

“It’s pretty low compared to my Faith. I’m Delta.”

“Or is it? It makes more sense for it to be the opposite.”

Osborn triumphantly smiled at Adrian, the latter didn’t really understand why was Osborn so happy and shrugged in his general direction. The wind was getting stronger by the minute, prompting him to stop keeping his smug face and answer.

“The key to my deduction stands in Stature if mine is Beta and yours Delta, it makes no sense for Delta to be the lowest. You’re way fitter than me, after all.”

“It could be height, for all that I care. We need to move.”

The bizarre occurrence he experienced in the basement of the Auditorium then started happening again. But this time, it was more of a wave than a sudden burst of cold. Static, like the last time, briefly altered the way everything looked. Adrian started looking left and right while Osborn fell into his hands and knees, quivering and breathing heavily.

“This is no good. It’s happening again… It’s happening again…”

Adrian tried to move towards the poor Osborn for a better chance at understanding the whispers that he was muttering but stopped midway when his knees lost all power due to the wave of cold hitting both of them. What’s that cold? The temperature just dropped at once! I… I can’t even move!

The temperature raised as suddenly as it plummeted. Adrian stood up with surprising ease, he then stretched his hand towards his friend, dragging his friend back up. Osborn was still clearly upset by the first wave he has experienced.

“It’s- It’s like the first time,” His eyes were open wide, and were shaking as much as the rest of his body. Adrian held his chin as he was trying to make sense of whatever that was. He was certain to an extent that this was an indicator of something extremely important, yet he could not put his finger on it.
“But what happened the last time “it” happened?”

“I met a goblin.”

“So it could be the appearance of a monster? Nah… I don’t think so.”

“Did I tell you-”Adrian started walking again. The window for him thinking was over, it was time to move towards the market again. Osborn followed suit and ran towards a thoughtful Adrian.

Do we have weaknesses or something? Let’s see… Class Details.

Adrian saw a light appear at the corner of his eye. He looked down and to his surprise, a flying hologram has appeared in front of his fingers. He raised his hand. The square-shaped hologram followed the movement.

Adrian Falkner
Concentration : Physicalist – Stature: Delta
Moves: Burst, Inspect
Affinity: Light Weaponry/CQC – Epsilon intelligence – Faith: Beta

The hologram simply repeated what he was already told by the voice in his head, yet he was baffled by its very presence. He tapped Osborn’s back, who had taken the lead while he was not looking.

“Dude. Do you see that on my hand?”

He looked at the hologram. Reminding him of a window from a recent operating system, the hologram used a very clear and concise font close to Open Sans in wide enough size. Its light was also exceptionally easy on the eyes, it just felt natural to Adrian.

Osborn turned towards Adrian but saw him raise his hand in a fashion reminding him of some weird Japanese pose. He just shook his hand in denial.

“Alright.” That means only I can see this, would make sense to not let people not spy on each other stats and start picking weaklings left and right. He then pointed to him with his raised hand. “Do it, looks for your stats.”

Osborn executed. He raised his head and lowered it after in an almost mechanic fashion. He looked at his hand with round eyes.

“You were right! It looks amazing! ”

Osborn probably would have looked like an idiot to anyone else on the square, after all, he was frantically moving his wrist in an extremely unnatural fashion. Adrian, however, was not really noticing what was happening, instead of scratching his chin while pondering about what was happening. Then without any warning, he started walking again.

“So… No voice in the head anymore?”

“None that I hear. You said that you met the goblin after one of those “waves”?”

“Yup. And not only that. There was a mir-”

“So each time there is a wave of cold and whatever that static was. Something new gets added to the world. That’s good to know.”

Adrian and Osborn heard their name being called in the distance, and when they turned towards the direction of the cheer, they both smiled towards the horizon.

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