Chapter 3 – Hot Headed

Adrian and Osborn were watching the beast calmly making its way through the square, not really knowing what could be an acceptable plan to follow. The goblin did not notice them and kept on walking straight without stopping. Even if a window was between them, Osborn did not try his chance and, while crawling very slowly towards his friend, started whispering.

“Okay, hear me out.”

Adrian, not understanding Osborn’s motives, answered way too loudly.

“Whaddaya say?”


Adrian nodded. Although it could have a tad too late, he got the message. and started whispering

“I think he was alone.”

Adrian was less of a fan of MMOs than Osborn was, so he did not really understand the problem that arose with the appearance of one goblin. Social creatures, akin to wolfs, who never stay alone, they move in packs, decimating anything they come in contact with sheer number force. That was Osborn’s idea of goblins. But this one the second time he saw a single one of them alone.

“They are never alone… There is one somewhere close, I’m practically sure of it.”

Happening in a flash, a rock of the size of an egg came flying towards the window that stood between them and outside, causing a sharp, crashing noise. The crashing noise was followed immediately by an animalistic scream.


A green creature, resembling the two others, leaped into the cafe. Osborn’s eyes went round. It was the first time he got to see a live goblin from so close, and it caused a mix of terror and interest that momentarily shook his soul. Adrian, however, did not wait for the creature to move any further. He ran towards it and threw a punch so powerful it sent the goblin flying back to where it came from.

“That settles it. I knew something was weird.”

He turned over to Osborn, holding his wrist and moving it circularly in the same fashion professional fighters do while preparing for combat. He smiled at him when he finally saw how low his jaw was.

“It can’t be a good game if we only got the monsters, right?”

What does he mean? Does he really think… Well, he did just punch-

“You can think later. We’re not alone yet.”

Multiple growls rose from behind Adrian, who knew what was happening. His hero act dropped immediately as he slowly turned his head towards the broken window.

Three of those things… Oh boy.

“Gulp”, he swallowed. The three goblins walked slowly towards him. For each step they took, Adrian took a step back. Osborn mimicked his friend, slowly heading for the counter. Adrian, from the steps of his friend, understood his aim. He kept on walking backward until he heard the metallic sounds of cutlery tingling behind him. The goblins, also feeling the incoming attempt at their life, growled loudly and rushed towards the two friends.

“Now! ”

Adrian ducked, letting a small butter knife fly above him. It did not reach destination, however. Clearly lacking momentum, the small blade stopped a little further on a bear carpet. If anything, it simply showed that Osborn wasn’t really accustomed to wielding weapons. He thanked God for his father’s exotic tastes.

Seems like Aikido and basic military training will come in handy.

He blindly rushed to the carpet, not even raising his head to see where were his opponents now. He focused on one of the many rules his father kept telling him.

One thing at a time, don’t overanalyze.

He grabbed the knife backward and got ready to fight. Sidestepping one of the short creatures’ rush with a Tai sabaki, he hit the back of its head with an uppercut-like motion. The impressive blunt force he demonstrated before helped a lot overcome the lack of sharpness of the knife, that cracked its head open like an egg.

Osborn just stood and watched. He did not understand the power spike his friend was showing. He knew about Adrian’s father, but he didn’t think that Adrian himself was trained.

“One is coming your way! Snap outta it!”

He started breathing very fast, clearly panicking. The goblin was showing a smile that spanned all of his small face while walking towards Osborn. He looked a little further, Adrian was struggling with the third goblin now that he lost the element of surprise, leaving Osborn alone for this fight.

“Think about what you can do! Os-”

The beast was dodging all his hits, truly showing that he lacked training. After all, it has been more than 3 years since he last stepped inside of the gym he frequented.

“Look, just ask yourself the options you- Goddamnit!”

He kicked in an arc with all his force, raising the glass that was on the ground. The goblin screamed from the deep cuts the glass gave it. Adrian threw his second leg on the goblin’s mutilated face, sending him again flying outside.

What did he mean with options? Fireball… Fireball?

As soon as he thought of a fireball, a flame started forming in his hands. The goblin’s grin disappeared, replaced by a fearful face. However, what was his death was not Osborn’s Fireball, but Adrian’s fist that made it collide with the closest table. The fire in Osborn’s hand slowly vanished.

“What was-”

“You just think about stuff and a voice inside your head answers. I would like to try the extent of it but for now…” He looked towards the sky, no longer covered by glass. “I think we need something to protect ourselves.”

“Yeah… Anything better than a butter knife would do.”

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