Special 1 – Advelia & Co.

Realm information (Advelia) :

Strength Grades:

F- ⇒ F⇒ F+⇒ FF-⇒ FF⇒ FF+⇒ FFF-⇒ FFF⇒ FFF+⇒ E-⇒ E⇒ …⇒ SSS+⇒EX-⇒ EX⇒ EX+

The reason the Grading System in Advelia being somehow troublesome is due to the vastness of the realm and it’s diversity in strength. Consequently, the grading system was done to be precise, efficiently avoiding misunderstandings caused by power misreads. The creation of this system decreased the death rate of the realm by 60%. The system was courtesy of the previous Emperor of Kartas.

The lifespan of the living beings in Advelia depend on their energy or/and bloodline. For example, an S Rank can live for as long as 500 years, while SSS+ and above live for thousands of years, but it’s not like stronger beings are concerned by their lifespan since anyone above SS+ can cast “Immortality Constitution” to live for virtual eternity.

Advelia has 5 major continents and 12 minor ones plus countless islands. More than half of the realm is part of the Kartas Empire

Complete Analysis, Misteria’s Will, Laws Edict, Ruling Divine, and Heaven’s Way are classed as unknown grade spells, greater than EX+ spells, magus spell and Magus series spells because they touch upon world laws, and their strength is determined by the user comprehension of Laws instead of their mastery of Magicka.  


Characters :

Realm of ???

Eteinfaos (?) : Nothing much is known about him apart from him being a childish trickster, ruling over the “Eternal”s and “Infinite”s and his power consists of  Eternity Infinity and Chaos as mains, which the 3 have at least 666 subpowers.

Spaciasica (?) : Etainfaos’ woman. Also known as the Eternal Goddess of Infinite Space.  A cool headed beauty, but becomes another person when her switch is flipped. Madly in love with Etainfaos.

Timelessia (?) : Eteinfaos’ women. is in a mission and deemed capable by Etainfaos.

Realm of Advelia

Eien Von Liberia(Hume – High human) : First MC. 22 years old, the second most beautiful woman in Advelia after the first Princess. A Magus genius. Gets absorbed in her researches despite having a laid back personality. She is considered the strongest Magus user in Advelia and has extremely abundant Magicka reserves. many say she will be able to live more than 1000 years even if she do not advance her strength. She secretly created a magic that rejuvenate her looks for later use! Her strength is officially announced as SSS+ rank but the emperor said to her that she already entered the domain of EX- rank

She loves sweets more than anything. The spell “Complete Analysis” and the Magus Series “Misteria’s Will”, and “Laws Edict” are her personal creation.Secretly (or not) in love with Claude.   

Zania (half-alve) : Eien’s one and only disciple. 17 years. Adore and respect her master, Eien, so much because she adopted her and saved her from her cursed fate. Understand her master better than anyone. She sometimes takes the role of a maid. The only one who can read Eien as an open book, and also know all her secrets. Eien consider her a best friend beside a disciple

Loran Von Liberia (Hume – High human): Father of Eien. one of the 5 kings under the emperor of Kartas and his only Sworn Brother. Dote on his prided daughter too much, and is adored by Eien.

Velmus Del Volias Es Kartas (Hume – High Draconic Human): 197 years old. The emperor of Kartas empire that span more than 3 continents. Has the blood and soul of the legendary Purity Dragon(SSS+ rank) that he hunted and eaten himself. He was a Berserker before but after eating the heart, soul and drinking the blood of the purity dragon he was able to use Draconic Magus and the Purity Flame, so he is considered a MagusBerserker. the one and only EX rank

Elize Del Satias Es Kartas : The First Princess of Kartas empire.15 years old. Considered as a Magus-Archer with a strength of AA-. her use of the purity flame is sloppy but is excellent with Draconic Magus. looks up to Eien as her older sister. Eien treats her as her little sister.

Claude Von Ashes (Divine hume – Unawakened divine body ) : A commoner who became a noble after being promoted directly by the emperor himself to become the new fifth King. He is considered the third strongest in Advelia. Never evolved to a High Human worries him greatly, but never told that to anyone. The emperor treats him like his son. He loves Eien a lot, and when a misunderstanding amounted between them, He got the information that Eien loves him too from her disciple. When he returned to her so that he can clear everything He was welcomed with “Battle me!” with a cold face. That day he got sent to the hospital for 3 weeks. the Magus series “Ruling Divine”, and “Heaven’s Way” are his personal creation.

Mary (Mid tier Eternity Demon(special individual)) : Was instructed by Etinfaos to guard the first dimension of Eternity Gates. She will be rewarded by immortality and an evolution to a Ruler tier Eternity Demon by Etinfaos and was asked if she wants to become one his maids after everything is over which she gladly accepted with tears of gratitude. Since being his maid is a symbol of status and strength . Can use Black Thunder, White Thunder, Evil Eye of Charm, Evil Eye of Control, Absolute Black Magic, Absolute White Magic, Destruction magic, Restoration Magic,10 Lowest Tier Eternal Magic and 2 Low Tier Eternal Magic. From Advelia’s perspective her strength is EX+. The reason she is special is…

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  1. Wait, why is she special? That was quite a lot of informations to process for my pooor braaaiiiiinnnnssassassadhrbn.
    Thanks for the chapter, Ouroboros Infeos!

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