Chapter 1: The Archmage and The Suspicious Dungeon

「 Realm: Advelia, Ragnas Continent, Millenium Great Forest  」

POV: Eien Von Liberia, Imperial Archmage “Truth of Magica”

Haa~Why do I have to stop my research now of all times? That geezer is really working me to the bone, isn’t he? I, Eien Von Liberia, King Loran Von Liberia’s daughter, sworn brother of the current Emperor, at the age of 19 became the youngest Archmage in the 50,000 years of history of the Kartas Empire.

At the age of 20 I became the strongest. Be it in Magus theory or Magica capacity, I am the utter best there is. I once challenged all of the other 19 Archmages at the same time and won, and, because of that travesty of a fight, they decided to name me: “Truth of Magica” saying that I was the only one who comprehended the truth behind the “false” magus or something (well I can not deny that it’s the truth). With only the Emperor above me, I am sure to become the strongest in no time. (The difference between me and the Emperor is 171 years after all, that’s more than enough to beat him by a huge margin.)

I am 22 and still not married. Why you ask, despite the other nobles marrying at 16, I who was labeled the 2nd beautiful lady in the empire that span for 3 continent after Princess Elize, the famous “Truth of Magica” could not marry? The answer is simple: the man who approach me want to exploit me and those who I hold some good will for, fear me and look at me like a monster! Anyway, I promised myself to only marry someone stronger than me and is around my age. I am not finding an excuse! I am not!

Oops, I strayed from the current situation, this is a bad habit of mine.

Well, I was tasked by the geezer, the current Emperor Velmus Del Volias Es Kartas (A tediously long name) ,to investigate the appearance of a suspicious dungeon. To put it bluntly, a dungeon is where a lot of monsters appear. It can be classified as either naturally made where a Dungeon Core is created by Magica Concentration, or Artificially made where someone use a special Magica Crystal and charge it with tremendous amount of Magica to create a situation where the crystal will become the core and he the Dungeon Master.

But this dungeon seems not to abide by anyone of these. From the sightings, It seems like a black and white thunder stuck the place and…the dungeon was instantly created, and from the appearance of the opening it should contain hundreds of floors, which is normally impossible. The monsters in the first floor are also way too powerful, making this even more of a problem.

Speaking about problems: the first floor contains some A and AA class monsters plus one subspecies ranked AAA-. Hell, an A rank can easily destroy a city with a normal army of 200~250. So got an idea now how dangerous this is?

So my mission is to investigate the dungeon and destroy the core if possible. The “if possible” is because we do not know the depth, and there is also the matter about the first floor being that dangerous who knows what lurks deep inside…

Recalling my unfinished research about Dragons Law of Words and the problems I will have thanks to the dungeon I ended up unconsciously muttering.

“Haa~ I wanna something sweet~…”(Eien)

“Master’s sweet tooth is really something, wait a moment…Here.”(???)


The one who gave me the chocolate is my one and only disciple, Zania, whom talent is not bad…Actually her talent is excellent even though she is a commoner. She who is 17 years is already a capable High Mage which is really rare. Well, when I was her age I was ranked way higher so…

She is also not the only one accompanying me, there is also 2 Archmages, 3 Great Generals,10 High Mages (excluding Zania), 30 Generals, 100 intermediate mages and 500 elite knights. With this constitution, we could even bring down one of the five Dragon valleys where hundreds of dragons regularly nest.

“*sigh*…Well let’s just concentrate now for the mission.”(Eien)

After 5 days of traveling across the Millenium Great Forest using magic carriages, we finally arrived at the rumored dungeon,But the moment I saw the dungeon, I couldn’t contain my surprise.

“W-what…is that..?”(Eien)

In front of me was a clearance in the forest that spans at least a couple kilometers where the ground was black, white and grey. In the middle of the said clearance is a door…no, a gate so gigantic, majestic and intricate that you could take it as the gates of heavens or hell. Maybe not heaven but hell cause

“Everyone, monsters sighted! prepare to engage!”

The leading Great General quickly recovered. Hearing the orders, they finished preparing in the blink of an eye. As expected of a battlefield veteran, and his subordinates.

The monsters sighted are…unknown creatures. Every aspect of them reminded us of many beasts we know, yet it melted so much of them together the creature felt almost… Outwardly.

Getting all curious I invoked a unique magic I devised when I was a child, a magic that can analyze something with the world laws and get me a complete feedback, ’High Inspect’.Manipulating Magica, creating the Magus spell, locking the target, world laws movement, receiving the feedback. All this done in not even a second.

I could not believe what ’High Inspect’ returned.

「    Unknown Unknown Unknown

       Monster of Eternity Trial


        @仝#¬仝 ….                         」



A debilitating headache suddenly struck me. What exactly stood in front of me? Even the world deemed those creature to be Unknown? And what’s with “Monster of Eternity Trial”?

Agrh, the headache is killing me.

“Argh..I am..I am fine so stop pestering me”(Eien)

It’s only at times like this that I know that I made the right choice to foster this stupid disciple of mine. Her concern for me is genuine unlike the ones who only saw me as a tool.

“B-But Master what got you suddenly? I ‘saw’ the Magus Formation of Analysis in your eye, but normally this should have no problem with what happened…”(Zania)

As expected of her, not even the Archmages noticed the spell but she could sense the weak magic emitted, determine the source of the Magica and even the type of spell even with the high speed casting.

 “Well… We’re in trouble. Those monsters are supposed to be from outside our realm and are also considered a trial of some sort. The reason I had a headache is because the world deemed them ‘unknown’ and at the end there was some sort of backlash.”(Eien)

“Seriously…?” (Zania)

Seeing my disciple’s dejected face, I giggled which let Zania have a questioning face.

“Seriously, why are you over thinking all of this, we just have to do the usual like with dangerous dungeons.”(Eien)

“That’s…true. I am sorry for losing my composure.”(Zania)

Waving my hand and seeing that the knights, and mages are doing good job I decided to not join them and immersed myself in my thought again.

From what I can sense, that gate over there use some sort of spacial magic or dimension magic and is connecting this place somewhere, maybe with an empty dimension filled with nothing but monsters. The problem is that this Magica is not space but something much more profound and deep.this is the first time I saw something like that. Meaning that even thought I reassured my beloved disciple, I myself is not calm at all!

Haa~ Since It was named ‘Trial’ I do not think It can not be stopped we just have to do extra efforts.

While I was pondering about the situation, the knights finished the monsters without any problem. So I, as the commander of this expedition team, shall give them orders. Let’s pump them a little.

“Everyone! Those monsters are not from our world, these monsters are invaders! But they were wrong to think that they can invade Advelia! Everyone here shall defend our realm and emerge victorious. We shall take this opportunity to teach the heretics who sent those monsters here our prowess and be labeled heroes of Advelia! Everyone, do you best for your families who await for you return in the capital and live to tell the tale!”(Eien)

The crowd of seasoned knights screamed in unison, running towards the horde of eldritch abominations that spanned through the dungeon floor.

“ Let’s also take this opportunity to snatch some pocket money from the geezer that is still sitting in the Imperial Castle and is working us to the bones!”(Eien)

Loud laughter rang in the place of the screams that echoed in the dungeon just a minute ago.

Good their moral s good, going toward my beloved unicorn, I mounted her and shouted a last time.

“Good, advance and show them eternal hell”(Eien)

At that time i spoke the world “eternal” without much meaning, but later I will understand it’s truth…


「 Realm:???,???, ??? 」

POV: Etinfaos, the Eternal Infinite Chaos

Seeing Spica in her birthday suit next to me made me grin as I murmured She really is meek in bed… As I caress her lovely, smooth,soft and somehow crimson cheek I received information that the Eternal Gates are being breached, So I decided to watch a little. Using Infinite Void eyes I got to see what exactly is happening there. But…

“I, the Eternal Infinite Chaos, am dumb? Huh…”

Alright, let’s set it to the highest difficulty as a prize for being courageous enough to say that.

…That’s it, let’s send that girl, since it’s also an opportunity to get her to come here officially.

So I contacted her telepathically, or more precisely sent an oracle for her.


Prologue Chapter 2

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