Chapter 4 – The Avenger and The Fortune

「 Realm: Losferia, Devilas Continent, the peak of the Dark Beasts Mountains 」

POV: Apeiro Diablas, The Avenger


Cursing fate for putting me in this precarious situation, I keep escaping with my whole mind.

“hahaha Bastard, we finally found you after these 2 years, come here and let yours truly kill you!”

I am being currently chased by both The devil and god clan. Why you ask? This is why I was cursing my own fate.


Well, after accepting the quest from the old man, I had a bout with him and went to the counter to get some pills, ointments and blank formation and arrays plates. After finishing the preparations, I walked out of the guild to get to the mission’s location. Well the mission location was the central peak of the Dark Beast Mountains, so it was pretty close. After two days of traveling I arrived to the location. The moment I arrived somehow I could sense a great amount of unknown energy coursing through the mountain peak. The thing is that this energy does not go out of the central peak as if someone was controlling it, but…

“…No it’s impossible. Even a Samsara realm can’t control this amount of energy.”

Reaching this conclusion, I concluded that this is phenomenon created by the worlds laws and got rid off the ridiculous thought that just coursed through. After analyzing the situation I begun to get closer to the center.

I was getting excited, the treasure that will be born from such circumstances will be extremely strong.

After advancing for a while I found out that there was a lot of cultivators here already, their strength was okay but none of them seemed to remotely pose any threat. The strongest was a middle aged man with a cultivation of peak Saint realm. the moment I got in their field of view, the cultivators begun making a fuss.

“Look, a kid is here!” “But how did he pass the mountains?” “Maybe someone brought him?” “Maybe. but where is his guardian?” “Think he died and the brat survived?” “true. meaning the brat must have his guardian’s treasures!” “guys let’s go have some bonus.”

“What the hell with their reasoning !?”

The reason they are saying this is because one of the God Cultivation techniques let you hide your cultivation and aura. I did this to avoid the strongest cultivators while going through mountains since fighting everyone there was not my goal. So the people around me took me for a weakling. sigh, This will become troublesome.

While making my way over there I got intercepted by a group of 6 cultivators. Really, they looked like a group of bandits to me, with their almost gratuitous violence… Two of them are low leveled saints, and the remaining are all peak heaven realm. I could hear the others cursing because of the lost opportunity (me).

“Hey kid, leave any-”


Without even finishing, the six peoples upper body was reduced to dust (did even dust remain?). What I used here was the new flame I could create after my bloodlines merged. When you ask? Well after my evolution to “lord” class, my cultivation led to some interesting results, giving me the possibility to merge even the personal bloodlines skills.

The example of like now, I merged the golden ‘Heaven flame’ and blackish red ‘Hell flame’, the peak flames of each bloodline, creating a new black gold flame.

As the power of the merged skills, as you see from the new flame…

It’s magnificent!!

Maintaining my calm face, I could hear the shocked voices from the surrounding, seeing them scared, I took the opportunity, adding a little (not really little) intimidating aura and look, I said:

“Does anyone want the things on me?”

Hearing me, the cultivators (or thugs, in this case) looked down not daring to make eye contact. seeing the satisfactory attitude, I continued forward.

Even thought I saw their meek attitude I did not put down my guard. of course I would not do something like that at this point in time. If I was not cautious of my surrounding I would not have lived so lo-


Dodging the strike coming from behind with impossible movement for a human, I immediately took distance from the attacker. I could sense that the progenitor is someone strong, at least a mid Immortal.

“Hee~ so you really are that bastard’s son! What was your name again? Asparagus?Apaichi? Whatever.”(???)

In front of me was a man wish you could call handsome. He was about 25 years old, but the most distinguished thing about him are the horns-like-things sprouting from his head.

“…..You’re from the Devil clan huh. Your kind truly is helpless. You dare to attack me instead of taking the lesson you all deserve in humility? Well, you’ll just be an example to the rest like the ones before you.”(Apeiro)

Hearing me, his grin transformed into a cheek-wide smile :

“Really? I am Musmudo! And my strength is more than enough to kill you a hundred times! let me show you the power of a full devil, you two blooded abomination!!” (Musmodo)

…WOW he really took the bait that easily? What can I say?…Really…

Using “Ascending Devil”, a skill that transform the practitioner to a full devil to enhance his powers, he came at me at full force, probably thinking of finishing the battle as fast as possible.

But it’s not like everything will go as his full blooded self will predict. The moment he began attacking, I dodged every strike he threw at me by using the combined form of the techniques ‘Rushing Shadow’ and ‘Following light’. Merging abilities give me an incredible advantage, but damn does it consume energy.

After a dozens or so attacks he got irritated and begun cursing and trying to disturb and attack my mind…or was he? Since he have an ‘incomplete brain’, I do not think he can think this through?

“…Coward, you’re just escaping! Fight me fair an-”(Musmodo)

“-Heaven’s break’ ” (Apairo)

I thought since this was a good opportunity to try the new techniques I learned after the evolution of the bloodlines (now, I wonder why I thought of this?)

Completely destroyed right hand, to the point of becoming a meat paste, destroyed energy veins, more than 2 thirth of the bones decimated, destroyed left eye, crushed horns, which are vital for someone like him, and much more…these are the results.


‘Heaven’s break’ is the weakest of the devil inherited spells. Of course it’s strong but definitely not to the point of finishing someone as strong as him, a practitioner at the mid stage of Immortal realm with devil bloodline.

Normally I should be happy at the discovery of the strengthening of my skill but…

“Who dares hurt the young master?”(???)

With a loud voice someone approached here insanely fast! he should be at least a Celestial Immortal by his aura and speed. So, without wasting any time, I used the highest level of both ‘Rushing Shadow’ and ‘Following light’, ‘Rushing Void’ and ‘Following Lightning Ray’.

“S-shit! The energy cost is too high!”

Getting myself together I fled at high speed, evading the attacks he sometimes launched at me and sadly, I was not quick enough to dodge all of them. Along the run, just when I decided to put it out with him, we encountered people from the god clan, and when they knew it was me, they joined the ‘fun’. That’s really being unlucky…

This is what happened until now. A desperate situation, in front of me is the space occupied by the mythical thunder and behind me is a slaughter demon (he already demonized the moment he knew my identity) and a killing god (the elder from the god clan using ‘Descending God’).

Well, whatever I will enter the thunder field, at least it’s not 100% death chance.

Using all the courage I could muster I plunged myself inside. but…

“Hahahaha, you think I will not enter? like he- Shit!”(???)

Well I can understand why he yelled like that.

The moment I entered inside all that thunder that even a Samsara realm expert could not control, stopped ‘playing’ around and ‘froze’ for a tenth of a second before all of them begin targeting me…and me ALONE. I could have evaded but there was a stupid amount of oppression coming from them to the point I could not move.

I do not know why but they seemed like competing with each other to show something or another…

‘Not 100% death chance? My ass!… That’s way too unluck-’

that was my last thought…

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  1. W-wait, this is already the second one with a special constitution which is about to die. 😥 Or is he?
    Anyway, thanks for the chapter, Ouroboros! I wish you a nice dose of Chaos!


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