Chapter 3 – The Avenger and the Quest

「 Realm: Losferia, Devilas Continent, inside Dark Beasts Mountain 」

POV: Apeiro Diablas, The Avenger

“… Heaven Sky Fall!”(Apeiro)

Using the only Saint Grade technique I can cultivate, I finally killed this peak saint grade Heaven Flame Tiger. I received a Quest from the Dark Guild, since their branch is nearby, they don’t want to have Spiritual Beasts here so they issue quests to exterminate them. The Dark Guild is a place where all sort of outlaws and criminals gather. Asking why I am also there? Well, I am considered an outcast and a target for elimination by the 2 most strongest clans in this realm, The Divine Devil Clan and The Divine God Clan.

The reason is simple, my parents were people from both clans, meaning I have the Devil’s and God’s Bloodlines which is blasphemous to both their worships. Normally the two clans are like fire and ice, never wanting to coexist, but in the first time in 500,000 years the decision of killing me from both was unanimous…what luck!

So they sent an expedition composed from 8 Celestial Immortal realm cultivators to deal with us. To eradicate me and my family, two Heaven Defying geniuses who were peak grade Celestial Immortals at such young age (in their thirties), this much strength was needed. To save me from being killed they used a Taboo technique to send me away, they also gave me their cultivation techniques namely “Demonic Heavens Devil”  and “ Heavenly divine God”, the two strongest techniques of both clans. I heard later that they escaped but were killed by both clan’s patriarch personally 2 years ago. When I heard the news I swore to eradicate both clans to the root.

but here lies a problem…

“I can’t breakthrough…”

That’s right. I couldn’t advance to Saint realm no matter what I did. At first I could be considered to be a Heavenly Defying genius thanks to the speed of my advancement from the body tempering realm to Heaven realm, a total of 7 great realms, in only 5 years. And since I cultivated the two strongest cultivation techniques in Losferia simultaneously thanks to my unique constitution, me at the peak of Heaven realm had the strength equal to a peak Saint realm or even entry level Immortal realm. But I couldn’t advance anymore for 2 years. It’s true that for my age, 17 years old, I am considered a genius to have this kind of strength,  but It’s still not enough for my vengeance…

I put the corpse of the Heavenly Flame Tiger in my Interspatial ring, that I received from my father, and decided to return to the guild.


Arriving in front of a random hut, I flashed a seal in my hand. Suddenly an array come to vision and opened up. When I entered the array stairs that lead deep underground appeared. Descending the familiar stairs I arrived at a somehow rusty and big door. Opening the door led me to some sort of a bar with a lot of counters at the very back.

As I made my way to these counters each table I pass be quieted down.

“Oy why is there a brat here?” “ Stop it if you do not want to die” “ huh from a brat?” “That ‘brat’ is a saint realm expert you know?” “S-saint???” “That’s about right, last time he killed a cultivator at mid level Saint realm in one strike! Also the kill count from the guild is more than 20!” “S-shit…!”

As I passed by the tables, I could hear similar conversation. Well What they said was not that far from the truth, just that the kill count is more than 50 now…

“ Haha, Oy kid come here a sec for me”(???)

As I made my way to the counter, an old man called me. He was the branch manager and a peak Saint realm expert, Zanhat. He was also the reason I did not change location from here.

“Old man, did you get the information you’ve told me about?”(Apeiro)

“haha, kids nowadays have no patience. Sit first, and drink with this old man.”(Zanhat)

Seeing him like that I knew I will not be able to extract anything from him without abiding to him. I sighed, then nodded.


As I sit in front of him and put a formation around us to not let the others listen.

After a round of drinking the old man took a book from his ring and throw it to me.

“Here is the information about Bloodlines cultivation. you can pay after you verify it”(Zanhat)

Catching the book I begin reading it immediately. And after a hour of reading I got why I could not advance anymore. The answer is…

“I was really dumb.”(Apeiro)

The reason I could not advance is because when advancing to saint the person cast away his mortal body and build a Heavenly Body, and I was doing exactly that . But for people with special bloodline like me, have to initiate the evolution of the bloodline first and let the bloodline rampage and change  the constitution of his body and at the end condense the origin of his bloodline and merge it in his soul. And the reason I am stupid is because something similar was written in the notes of my parents (the notes were in the spatial ring with the cultivation books and other things) but it was in an abstract manner and had nothing to do with breakthrough.

Haa~Not all wasted, because of my daily cultivation those last two years the power condensed in my bloodline is immense so my transformation will be greater. That’s right nothing is wasted. Nothing is wasted….

“Ohh It seems you caught on something? So, was it of any help?”(Zanhat)

“You really helped me  great this time, Old man. Here is the Origin Soul of the Golden Sun Leo, and as a bonus I will throw the Origin bloodline too”(Apeiro)

“Oy, are you sure? That’s the Golden sun leo’s bloodline! A Supreme immortal grade bloodline!”

I throw to him a spare ring I keep with me.

“Old man, take it and stop babbling your mouth. Inside the ring are also 10 Beasts that I hunted, all at peak saint. I shall go for now…Right I will be cultivating for a while so take care”(Apairo)

“oi kid, wai-”(Zanhat)

Leaving the noisy old man I made way deep in the forest, to the cave I especially made for cultivation guarded by arrays and formation, also arrays and formation that help greater Spiritual energy and Qi,  for preparing to breakthrough. By the way I learned how to put arrays and formations from mother and before separating she gave me her personally written book about it, so of course I would be good at them.

After a month of cultivation I finally broke through to saint realm. The thing is when the 2 bloodlines began transforming my body, I thought I will die since they began to clash mid way with each other. Doing my best to maintain the equilibrium, I finally passed the hurdle.

I really thought I was going to die. But then, something happened.Fortunately, I was alone and no one saw it. Multitude of Astral bodies of angels and demons bowed their head to me and congratulated me, which mean that my bloodlines evolved to Lord Level Bloodline.

Not even the Patriarchs of the devil and god clan were ever said to get to this level.

Cause the stronger the bloodline the harder for it to evolve to lord class (Apart from the founders of the 2 clans, no one achieved it). And these 2 bloodlines are the strongest in Losferia, so yeah…

Being happy, I made my way to the Dark Guild after stabilizing my condition for a couple of days. When I arrived, the old man caught sight of me.

“Oi kid you returned! how was your cult- Wait! you advanced to Immortal??”(Zanhat)

Hearing the Old man talk everyone inside the guild gaped and began whispering among themselves.

Well because of the bloodlines I always have an aura greater by one great realm than my actual strength. Well it’s not like I could not beat an Immortal. I could beat one before the breakthrough, there is nothing to say about now, even a peak Immortal is not impossible.

“Old man don’t just go around screaming it on all roofs.”(Apeiro)

Realising his blunder, with a “my bad, my bad” he invited me to a table. Putting the usual formation I spoke with him about what happened the time I was not here and information about the clans and recent disturbance.

“Hey kid, want to take a quest now since you got stronger?”(Zanhat)

“hmm what quest?”(Apeiro)

“It’s about some sighting of some black and white thunder…”(Zanhat)

Receiving the info about this particular phenomene my only thought was “heee~ interesting indeed…”

And So I accepted the quest that will erase my fate, literally…

「 Realm:???,???, ??? 」

POV: Etinfaos, the Eternal Infinite Chaos

After sending off Tima to her mission, I put my attention again to the plan I devised, the plan that will bring me amusement, when suddenly I saw near the place I was going to drop the Infinite Trial, the Infinite Abyss, I saw an interesting young man, and from the look of it he is injured and being chased around.

“God and Devil Blood? hahaha how ironic… He reminds me of that “Doll*” my little brother created, haha… You know what, no need to put him on trial, I will directly choose him”(Eteinfaos)

Choosing my target I made “it” drop on him…

* Doll has the literal meaning of puppet here

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      1. well there is that, but the problem is “the little brother of Etinfeos”. Will he be normal? And is the doll normal?


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