「 ???  」


sigh, too boring… Nah! Spica! Entertain me, okay?”(???)

In a room too dark for anyone to discern anything stood a throne. It was a black-no grey throne, too luxurious for any mortal to own. Sitting on this divine throne is a man whose figure was indiscernible but the only thing that cannot be clearer is the long grey hair that blend with the throne and eyes that take the form of a serpent eating his own tail.

The throne was engraved with angels, devils, and dragon glyphs but the the most eye catching thing is the serpent that took the form of infinity and was eating his own tail in the head of the said throne.

“Your highness, you should not speak like that, as the Infinite ruler please show an appropriate face.”(Spica)

Next to the grand throne, stood a women that blended with space itself to the point nothing can be seen apart from her beautiful black hair and cold light grey eyes.

“Well you know how I am, no? Everything I had done until now is nothing but for my entertainment, is that wrong? And it does not look like someone other than us is here anyway.”(???)

“…True, but it would be better for your highness to show some restraint.”(Spica)

sigh, You who rules over ‘space’ will not understand my pain. To be confined here, in this realm for almost a thousand year. ”(???)

Seeing her master saying stupid things again, Spica retorted in her mind ‘Does not your rule cover ‘Void’ itself, space is nothing for you right?’

Seeing the lack of response, the unnamed figure got bored thus he added

“Whenever you enter here, you become another person. People can not even imagine how meek you are normally in the be- guh”(???)

Getting a punch so powerful that even let space around it distorted and broken in the guts, a normal person should have more than disintegrated, but he…

“Argh, ahh…I am…..dying, help…me…..Spica”(???)

“That was nullified, your highness. Could you please not put such an act.” (Spica)

Seeing her looking at him like looking at a trash, even the man’s shamelessness got blown away.

“Well can’t I joke with my women?” (???)

“Your highness should know when to joke.”(Spica)

“Ohh well. What about Tima’s report, anything new?”(???)

“Her highness Timelessia reported ‘No abnormality’. ”(Spica)

Recalling the face of his other beloved woman, he broke to a grin.

“Well, tell her to do what she think is appropriate. She is more than capable to resolve any problem”(???)


Waving her barely visible yet obviously beautiful hand space cracked a couple of time before returning to it’s previous calmness

“The order has been trans-…wha- Impossible!?”(Spica)

Suddenly losing control of her emotion, the space around the throne room that span more than a couple kilometers kept cracking and manding at a very fast pace, but nothing happened around the man sitting in the throne, a strange sight to behold.

Probably knowing what happened, the man on the throne grinned and shamelessly questioned her.

“Why are you panicking like that?”(???)

Knowing that it’s impossible for him to not have sensed that energy fluctuation, and seeing grin he placed in his mouth further confirmed her thought. She knew that he knows or more precisely did something.

“…Your highness please explain.”(Spica)

“Well you see, the numbers of Ascended this last millennium has decreased, so I chose 666 interes- cough I mean 666 realms with high potential and put energy orbs, each containing a subcategory of my powers, and 3 realm with ones containing my 3 major powers. I also put a piece of information to guide these who find them.”(???)

“…You highness are you stupid? No you are stupid! Do you even kn-”(Spica)

“Hey, Spica. This is way off character. Well, do not worry, I put restriction on the last 3. Of course even I know how dangerous they are in the hands of mortals so do not worry.”(???)

Seeing him getting all passionate about it, she knew he did his best, and doing his best mean that those energy orbs are truly well made without any impurity or lacking concepts.

“…Your highness, this one shall go retrieve them now plea-”

Before even finishing her sentence, an aura unlike any other came from the man sitting in the throne. All the previous silliness and amiability disappeared and an aura that will make even Overgods kneel and beg for forgiveness, if they could still reason and move, appeared. With this aura appearing he could even be taken as another person.

“Now now Spaciasica, why retrieve them? I put so much effort in making them you know? You will not want to let your man’s hard work go to waste, right? Also ‘Chaos’ is my rule, so spreading a healthy dose of chaos in the realms is my job is it not, my dear Spaciasica?”(???)

Strangely enough, even though the women was affected and pressured by the aura, she was not affected that much, which show that her prowess is immense and not normal. But the thing is…

‘ahh this is fool play your highness…To show this part of you at unexpected times, calling my full name…It make me fall for you more your highness…Ah this one is already deeply in love with you where should I put this excess…’   

Seeing her lack of response, or more precisely her trance, the man knew what the women was thinking even though she was nearly invisible…or perhaps for him she was visible as the moon is visible in a clear night sky.

“hahahah…It seems you fell in love more deeply for me again after this whole time. This also prove my capacity as a man, huh. So what are you going to do now?”(???)

The women, Spaciasica, also known as the Eternal Goddess of Eternal Space, the women who almost every existence fear, revere, and worship, transformed completely to the point  no one can recognize her. Her body, beautiful almost ethereal, befitting of a goddess, began gradually revealing itself, eyes full of lust, crimson checks, ragged breath, and with a voice that can melt the bones of any male.

Ahh~ your highness is really unfair catching me off-guard. what can I do before you, apart loving and entrusting this one’s self to you? So your highness take responsibility for the state I am in now…”(Spaciasica)

Seeing her ragged breaths, flushed face and the slight pink tinge in her light grey eyes, he knew the state she is in. So the man walked down from the throne and made his way to his women.

This is how the storm that will bring all sort of calamities, destruction and disasters was being brewed by the one and only Eternal Infinite Chaos, the ruler of all “Infinite”s and “Eternal”s, Eteinfaos.

The Beginning of the Doomsday, and the story of the 3 Calamities starts at this precise moment…

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