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We strive to create exciting stories that can be enjoyed by everyone, but especially you.


Kazuti/Yorth creates novels. His newest creation, Re: Sword Emperor, is available here. (Note that the story is being rewritten and is currently on a hiatus.)

Video Games

Eldaryon/Singleton creates video games. An unreleased project teaser is already available here.


Coming soon.

“You were given the chance to see worlds nobody saw before… Worlds made from the essence of every part of humanity’s psyche.”

– ???

Team Dreamless’ motto is to bring originality to the table through their stories while also reinventing the format we are creating our pieces to assure that what we make gets to our viewers in the best form possible.

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We are a team of multidisciplinary artists with the goal of creating the most exciting experience to our viewers in each discipline.

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